Plug-in peace of mind.

splitsecnd calls for help when you need
it most and keeps your family connected.
Because you should always know that
your loved ones are safely on their way.

Emergency assistance the instant you need it

Emergency assistance the instant you need it.

splitsecnd works without fail—
even when you can't respond.

The Story

Immediate response

Immediate response

In the event of a collision, splitsecnd automatically calls for help and you’ll speak with a trained splitsecnd emergency responder using just the device.


Crash response

splitsecnd responders know where you are the moment the accident occurred and work with local 911 dispatchers to send emergency aid as needed, so you get help faster.

We'll notify your family

We'll notify your family

The splitsecnd response team will call your emergnecy contact with the accident details so your family knows as soon as possible.


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